[sgroup] S-760 SCSI troubles

Colin Shapiro musos at icon.co.za
Thu Dec 4 19:04:04 EST 2008

Hi Bruce,

>I was given a S-760 ( with ctr/mouse ), PS Systems rackmount 
>containing Syquest 44mg and a cd rom (without the cd tray insert). 
>This system works great, except the cd rom is usless without the 
>I want to expand the SCSI chain but can not. Even a Iomega 100meg 
>zip between the S-760 and the Syquest locks up the sampler. Not to 
>mention my attempts to add a computer.
>-I've changed the SCSI ID # on the S-760 to all available #s, no luck.
>-Syquest ID 5
>-started with really old computers, last being a dell optiplex gx240 
>(I'm looking for a mac)
>Maybe someones kid can help me.

I'm my mother's kid :-) so maybe I can help....

First, NEVER plug or unplug SCSI cables with devices switched on. 
They MUST be off. Power up afterwards.

I still use my S760 with SCSI and here are a few tips:
I have the S760 connected to a SCSI Zip drive, and then out of the 
Zip drive to a CD-ROM drive.
There are 2 buttons at the back of the Zip drive - set the right-hand 
button to SCSI ID 6 (up)
On the S760, go to the Ssytem menu and select SCSI.  Set Self SCSI ID to 3
Set initial Drive to SCSI:6
Set Boot drive to SCSI:6

You can boot from the Zip drive = a million times faster than floppy.
You use [Disk] menu then [Save system]
Choose the Zip drive and write the system to a new Zip disk.

Now here's the goofy part:

The Zip drive has another button (left) which sets Termination Off and On.
Make sure your CD-ROM drive has a different ID (eg 5).
The CD-ROM drive should have a hardware terminator.

To load from CD-ROM's: Switch the Zip termination OFF.
To save to Zip disks, set the ZIP termination ON.

I discovered this after seriously long nights of trial and error and 
major coffee abuse.

Hope this helps....

Regards - Colin

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